Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Herb Garden Plan

One of my first garden layouts and designs I did for my blog was this Herb Garden Layout. It's a fairly simple circular bed consistenting of a variety of herbs like basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, or many others. The stepping stones divide the circle into four sections which give it a more formal feel. I never implemented this garden and instead opted to incorporate my herbs with other perennial plants and the vegetable garden.

Herb Garden Plan/Layout:

How The Herb garden Layout Breaks Down:

The stepping stones (1) divide the 8 foot bed into four sections. Each section will have similar plantings except for the outer edge. The centerpiece of this herb garden will be the rosemary (2) (which is a perennial) and should grow quite large over time with the occasional clipping for kitchen use. Outside of the main rosemary four other plants will help create an evergreen mass. Next to the rosemary and the stepping stones a purple leaf basil (3) will add some color. In between the purple leaf basil another basil variety will be planted. Possibly a large leaf Italian basil (4). On the outside edge other herbs like thyme, parsley, mint (only in pots), and cilantro (5). I may add other herbs to fit into the open spaces. Mother of Thyme would probably do well in between the stepping stones.

I hope you can enjoy this herb garden layout in your own garden!

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