Thursday, January 27, 2011

A 'U' Shaped Raised Bed Garden Layout

Last year I was visiting a friend's garden who designed her family's raised beds in the shape of a 'U'.I found the design to be very functional with a good deal of space for growing compacted into a small area. The big advantage was the soil depth. Since the soil was at least 2 feet deep in each bed it had plenty of nutrients for intensive planting. If you have more room you could build additional beds on each side to make a sideways 'E' shape. Having three raised beds also allows for some crop rotation although a fourth or fifth bed would aid that technique greatly.

This vegetable garden layout could be constructed from many different materials but cedar, redwood, or composite materials might work the easiest. Each bed is designed to be 3 feet wide. The two smaller beds are 6 feet long and the large bed is 10 feet long. 12'x12' paving stones make the pathway easily accessible for handicapped gardeners.

Basil and Annual Knot Garden

This little herb and annual garden layout is a variation on the traditional knot garden. It's not as complex to put together and doesn't have many twists but with multicolored basils, annual flower displays, and as a focal point a potted plant in the middle this garden can be put together easily and very inexpensively!

The Basil and Annual Knot Garden Plan:

basil and annual herb garden layout

This plan consists of 20 purple leaved basil plants ('Purple Ruffles' or 'Dark Opal'), 14 green basil plants (Italian basil will work but 'Spicy Globe' basil has a nice form that would be perfect), annuals (zinnias and marigolds are moth easy to grow from seed), and a potted plant in the center. Alternately you could put more herbs, a birdbath, flowers, or even vegetables in the center.

All the annuals and basil can be grown from seed very cheaply or you can buy a couple basil plants of each kind and propagate the rest of the basil through cuttings.

A Herb Garden Plan

One of my first garden layouts and designs I did for my blog was this Herb Garden Layout. It's a fairly simple circular bed consistenting of a variety of herbs like basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, or many others. The stepping stones divide the circle into four sections which give it a more formal feel. I never implemented this garden and instead opted to incorporate my herbs with other perennial plants and the vegetable garden.

Herb Garden Plan/Layout:

How The Herb garden Layout Breaks Down:

The stepping stones (1) divide the 8 foot bed into four sections. Each section will have similar plantings except for the outer edge. The centerpiece of this herb garden will be the rosemary (2) (which is a perennial) and should grow quite large over time with the occasional clipping for kitchen use. Outside of the main rosemary four other plants will help create an evergreen mass. Next to the rosemary and the stepping stones a purple leaf basil (3) will add some color. In between the purple leaf basil another basil variety will be planted. Possibly a large leaf Italian basil (4). On the outside edge other herbs like thyme, parsley, mint (only in pots), and cilantro (5). I may add other herbs to fit into the open spaces. Mother of Thyme would probably do well in between the stepping stones.

I hope you can enjoy this herb garden layout in your own garden!

About Garden Plans and Ideas

I've been blogging about gardening for several years now. I've enjoyed propagating plants, vegetable gardening, flowers, trees shrubs, and tinkering in my garden but I've noticed that most people find my site ( while looking for plans and ideas for their own gardens. In order to help with the need for do-it-yourself garden plans I've put together this blog to focus on gardeners who want practical ideas that anyone could apply. Garden plans found here aren't meant to be followed to the letter (of course they can be) but rather they are meant for inspiration. Each plan is a general guideline for planting the various garden forms. If you like a design you are welcome to integrate it into your garden. If you happen to blog or own a website please request an image before using it online and include links to the original material.

Suggestions and requests are welcome but please keep in mind that it takes time to put these together. If you would like your own personalized plan for your vegetable garden, ornamental garden, or other garden feel free to contact me!

I hope you enjoy using these garden plans, layouts, and ideas in your landscape!